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1. NO DELETING, EVER. If you need to delete something you need to ask the mod to do it for you if you have a legit reason. This includes posts & comments. Editing the contents of your post or comment because people called you out counts as deletion! We're doing this only because it might start up drama and we'll need to call in the waaaaaaaaaambulance and we don't want that. THIS WILL CAUSE US TO HAVE TO BAN YOU FOR A WEEK AND THIS MAKE US SAD POUPEES D:

2. NO TROLLING. If you are constantly picking fights in every thread you can be banned if enough people tire of your shit. Macros are acceptable, but not spammage of them. Try not to do lolspeek too often too!

3. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS WHATSOEVER! Comments on WEIGHT, RACE, etc will not be tolerated. There will be no form of bullying at all. Bullies and people that are just plain childish will be warned, then banned. There is no excuse. We will work on a 3 strike rule, it's simple enough. First strike puts you under ban for a week, next one for two weeks. Third one and you're banned permanently. Just don't be a bitch with an itch in the ass..basically.

4. Use an lj-cut for more than one picture, BUT ALWAYS KEEP ONE PICTURE OUTSIDE OF THE CUT.

5. NO BUY/SELL/TRADE POSTS OR COMMENT/SUTEKI CLUBS! Repetition is redundant. Further explanation is also redundant. Any will be warned and deleted. Repeated offenders win themselves a one-week vacation to Bansville.

6. No taking things back to an applicant or another member's journal ever! If you have a problem with another member contact a mod and we'll do our best to resolve it.


We do not eat power for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Also we are cool and do not bite so feel free to contact us, most of us don't have lives so we should always be around.