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I'm an intro post! HEAR ME RAWR!~

edited with more stuff!

SO HI! I have been with pupe for about a year (a month or two less). Uhh.. I'm still obsessed.... XDDD

this is me a little less :D. I have a few piercings and a tattoo on the upper part of my back.

This is where I sit each day on pupe~~

Its messy... but that's the life of a designer XD If your geeky enough you might be able to name the game that's on my laptop screen... XD

Music wise, I'm into anything from jpop/rock to random ass heavy death metal... to k hiphop.... I donno... I'm all over the place.

I don't do mornings well

Even more so when dad thinks its fun to take pictures of me on his phone.

I'm so bad at these posts... but I wanted to say HI!

YES! ..... YES! XDD HI!

--------------------------------------------------------------> ADDED

Name: Ashley DesLaurier
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Single or Taken: Taken
Sexual Preference: What ever I like
Pic of signifigant other (if applicable): I don't have one D:
Nationality: foodlander
How would you describe your style?: .... uhh.... its a style? XD

5+ artists/bands/musicians you like
2. Gazette
4. Alice Cooper
5. Fuck I like to much this is to hard.

Favorite food(s)?: Sushi, Soup, Cookies, Ice cream

Favorite places to shop?: Stores? Where do you guys shop? Are there some magical elephants somewhere I don't know about?

What do you do
In your spare time?: Play Ragnarok Online, or games in general. Read. Photography. Art.
Do you work? Go to school? Strip? What?! We wanna know.: Uh, Don't work right now. Looking for a job, but I'm going back to school again for more Design stuff soon.
Do you enjoy it?: I LOVE DESIGN. omg... I LIVE FOR IT. I'm already a graphic designer... I have a diploma and everything.. I just.. want more.

What do you hope to accomplish?: I want to build a house near a lake just out of town. A small one... and bring him home to it.. and just live there.. Happy. Its all I want.

Tell us a few things that absolutely bug you: People talking about sex really loudly on the bus. ARG.
What is your worst fear?: Being trapped in a closet with no light, under the stairs, in a basement, with creepy sounds.... and no one around.. not being able to get out.

Aka I just chucked a bunch of my fears into a blob. XD
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?: Quite a bit... donno why... I just would cause I could.

What do you think about each of the mods?: Uhh.. they are sexy bitches I tell you. Nice shoes.



Feb. 23rd, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Tattoo and Alice Cooper love <3
Feb. 23rd, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
Ah!~ <3

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