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A long over due introduction

Name: I go by Mai, hello their :p 

Age: 16 yet everyone thinks I am a middle schooler with large breast O.o even old women...
Sex: Female
Single or Taken: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight. Some girls that look like guys turn me on though.. but then I remember their girls
Pic of signifigant other (if applicable):
Nationality: MIxed
How would you describe your style?: Girly I guess, though I do like the way injuries look.

5+ artists/bands/musicians you like
1. Dir en Grey- Favorite, number 1!!! mwahahaha.
2. The Cranberries
3. E-rotic
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. The Cure 

Favorite food(s)?: Cold stuff, Italian, Japanese, American, Chinese, sweets, drinks

Favorite places to shop?: Charlotte Russe, Morning Glory, TJ Maxx.

Post a pic of your favorite article of clothing or your favorite accessories: I don't have a favorite though D: 

What do you do
In your spare time?: Sleep, Computer, Dancing, Head banging, Moshing, Eating, Video games, Movies, Walking, Shopping
Do you work? Go to school? Strip? What?! We wanna know.:
Do you enjoy it: Why the heck would I enjoy it?

What do you hope to accomplish?: To become famous.

This space is yours to do what you will. Show us you have a brain, make us smile, laugh, cry, think...something. Lets us in on how you opperate. Tell us a stort, a poem, post whatever you want: I don't wanna go to school tommorow. D: I have to deal with work and boulder girl and school bus girl. Um macro time is nao I posted these on JrockHumor by my old username if you notice

Tell us a few things that absolutely bug you: Hypocrites, Cheaters, Those girls that go into cute mode when their around a guy, False fronts.
What is your worst fear? I have three. Disease, getting in some horrible accident that makes me uglier than I already am, Being alone all my life.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? I have no idea. I guess to get back 88 pounds..

What do you think about each of the mods?: I don't know them well enough to think something about them.


Post 3+ pics and a salute of your lovely face: It's not lovely though  I took the pic long ways so when I flipped it my face looked fatter so here is the original pic (Yes this an excuse to have three pictures...
Eh a pic from this winter... (I hate that vest for making me look flat and fat D: )

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