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A call to Japanese poupees!

 Hi everyone!

I'm going 5 weeks to Tokyo this autumn and I thought maybe my poupee fellows can help me find some cool places to do some shopping. I've been looking through google, blogs and that, but sometimes it's not very helpful, 'cause I have a hard time trying to translate and get correct directions.

Maybe you could recommend me through google maps? That would be amazing. For example, I've been trying to find out where Claire's is in Tokyo, but I really don't have any reliable clue.

Any other recommendation or advice would be very welcome!

Thank you for reading!!

Find Cheap prom dress online

My girlfriend is planning her colledge prom this week, and cuz we only have limit budget, so we need to find some cheap prom dresses but also get quality . we  have find some shops online like :promgirl,micweddingdresses, promdressshop and some other shops on ebay. just wonder are there other shops can provide custom made prom dresses in cheap price?

Food's Daily Photo!~

vroom vroom!
Actually! With the summer here, and lots of running around, I'm going to keep posts to once a week.
Less spam for you guys, and easier for me!


Food's daily photo!

This feels so large cause its tall! But its as wide as I normally post xDDD oi
Such a typical photo! But I think wet spider webs are really beautiful!
Not only can you see the amazing work the spider did, but you have hundreds of beads to make it shine!


Food's Daily Photo!~

I love looking out the back windows and seeing trees.
Hope the new house is the same way.
I love having so many trees in this city.


Food's Daily Photo!~

Its been a while. Its a long story.

I went to buy new lip rings today for the ones I bit through in my sleep >_>
and I saw this and enjoyed it. They didn't mind me taking a picture... so I did.


Food's Daily Photo!~

Today is a photo of one of the bridges here in Halifax.
I'm scared to death of them, but they have a beauty to them.


Food's Daily Photo!~

agawa_jean and I went for a walk this morning, and I took a few photos.
I liked the colors. ^_^


Food's Daily Photo!~

Today's Daily Photo is actually from yesterday :x! My self and two friends went to point pleasant and I took a bunch of pictures. I picked this one, because I have this obsession with texture and patterns, and I just love how beach rocks look all mushed together.

Living on the ocean is really beautiful.


A long over due introduction

Name: I go by Mai, hello their :p 

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Doing my part to liven the place up!

On Sunday, I saw Celtic Woman in concert. No photos are allowed at the show, but I did take plenty of myself all dressed up. And I did something I've wanted to do for a while: I dressed my Poupée up like the real me!

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Food's Daily Photo!~

I missed a day >_< I was busy
My mom and I started walking together each day,
and I saw these beautiful flowers and couldn't help my self.
I hope the owners didn't mind me in their yard >_>;;.....

I hope every one is having a good day! And who ever isn't, look in the mirror and smile at your self. It will make you feel better. :)

Food's Daily Photo!

Since this place has been totally dead! I'm going to start posting my daily photos that I post on my personal journal. One shot a day.

Today is Gizmo. My asshole of a cat. God I love him he is the only man I will ever love!

Any one else? Common guys! This is such a friendly community! I'm sure you guys have something!


I made icons! I hope you guys still see this post, it's so dead :(

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We share pictures, music, inspiration, hope, love and life.
Daily drug, daily dosage, daily fun.


Dress Hunt.

I have an upcoming event to attend in a couple of months and have been hunting for the perfect dress ("classy", semi-formal and reasonably priced). I've searched through all the stores in my price range at malls and even online and I haven't been able to come up with anything. I've checked websites such as Forever 21, Express, Charlotte Russe, Guess, bebe, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, J. Crew and others. Perhaps my search is too specific, but this is what I'm looking for:

(not hotlinked & with permission from Epicurean)

I essentially want this dress. I like the shape, the length and the bow accent. And I was hoping to snag it for less than $100. But I would be willing to pay a bit more. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for other brands I could look at that might carry something in this (or a similar) design? Any brand suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: The following have been suggested and they have great selection in dresses, if anyone else is interested in checking out cute dresses!
PromGirl | E-Dress Me | Dillards | YesStyle | DEB Shops

More meat!

The heart or the banana?

Ever have one of those days? Lol I doodled it for achariya because of this string of comments. Fear my awesome bed head.

I'm an intro post! HEAR ME RAWR!~


Sorry for a long overdue post, it should have came sooner but I wasn't in the right state to face such horror.

This week's entry certainly is not recommended for people with a faint heart.

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intro post,YAY!



I'm Cherany, 25 years old, currently living on the Washington/Oregon border (USA), though I'm originally from Atlanta.

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I'm having my 18th birthday party in a month, and I can't think of any themes for it! Does anyone have any suggestions?